“The Swimmer”

9780062337245_p0_v3_s114x166Written by first-time Swedish novelist Joakim Zander, “The Swimmer” is a fast-paced spy/CIA thriller. Beginning in 1980’s Beirut, the action jumps through three decades to the present. An unnamed American CIA agent is one of the main characters.  His life was radically changed by events he experienced in Beirut.  Events he cannot forget and events he constantly seeks to understand. Who was behind a car bombing that killed the mother of his child, and why did it happen?

As the author unravels this story, the reader becomes caught up in the lives of two young Swedes. Klara Walldeen works for the EU in Brussels.  Mahmoud Shammosh is a former soldier and currently is an academic at Uppsala University.

The lives of these three people intersect in a quest to unmask atrocities committed against captured enemies of the US.

The CIA and its clandestine operatives are the villains of this novel.  As Walldeen and Shammosh are chased across major European capitals, they gradually learn that they are in possession of highly sensitive information that the CIA cannot allow to be exposed.

Creating a above average example of this genre, Joakim Zander is off to a good start in creating a name and a following for himself.

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