“Gone Girl” DVD

24543954521_p0_v3_s114x166 Having read Gillian Flynn’s monumental best seller when it was first published, I was in no rush to see the movie.  However, on our last snowy day, it seemed like watching the movie might be an okay activity since going outside was not an option.

I can’t say I enjoyed reading the book.  It was definitely a page-turner, but left me with a slimy feeling.  The “Gone Girl” of the title was such a reprehensible female character.  Flynn, the screenwriter, didn’t soften her character in the film version–not one iota.  Rosamund Pike did a very good job of portraying her, but truthfully she had a lot to work with.

The female characters were all very strongly portrayed.  The men were either fools or foolish.  If you read the book, my advice is skip the movie.  If you didn’t read the book, and have two hours to kill, try it.

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