2949001024494_p0_v4_s114x166Exploring the depths of the Irish soul, “Calvary” written and directed by John Michael McDonagh, is a very dark tale.  Each character faces his or her own road to Calvary in this modern-day story filmed in and around County Sligo.

Father James played by Brendan Gleeson gives a powerful performance as a priest who is fighting his own demons.  After his wife died, he enters the priesthood following his calling.  He struggles to meet the needs of his parishioners and his needy, grown daughter.  He is the good priest.

In the confessional, a local resident tells Father James that in one week’s time he will kill him not because he is a bad man but because of the sexual abuse this man has suffered at the hands of other priests.  During the week that follows, Father James has to deal with what was told to him in the confessional and what, if anything, he must do.

This is a story of the Church in Ireland and revelations of pedophilia, but also about forgiveness and redemption.

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