“The Boy & the Book”

A new addition to our collection of wordless books is “The Boy & the Book” written by David Michael Slater and illustrated by Bob Kolar.  The young boy in this story strikes terror in the hearts of the books in his local library.  They run, they hide, and are in a general panic when they see him enter the book stacks.9781580895620_p0_v1_s114x166As he attacks the books, stomping on them and tearing their pages, the reader probably wants to yell “Stop.”  The key illustration that solves the mystery of why this young boy treats books so badly is found on the page where we see him looking at a page in a book with a cartoonist’s bubble over his head.  The bubble contains a question mark.  The boy cannot read, but when he can his entire attitude changes.

The illustrator has used vivid colors focusing his drawings on his cartoon-like characters.  Any non-reader or early reader will enjoy “reading” this wordless book and “telling” the story through the pictures.

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