9781250067975_p0_v1_s114x166“Broadchurch” is a small town on the Dorset coast of England.  It is the setting for the BBC TV series and the novel based on the series.

Detective Ellie Miller and her family are life-long residents of Broadchurch.  Upon her return from vacation, she expects to be promoted to Chief Inspector of the local police force.  She soon learns that she has been passed over for promotion in favor of an outsider, Alec Hardy.

Hardy, not a people-person, is faced not only with trying to find his way in the tight-knit community, but is tasked with leading an investigation into the murder of a local eleven-year old boy.  Ellie knows everyone in the community and cannot believe that anyone in Broadchurch would harm this young boy.  Hardy, on the other hand, suspects everyone from Danny’s parents to almost all the locals.  Although Hardy is a difficult person to work with, Ellie tries very hard to be professional.

Erin Kelly based her novel on the television series written by Chris Chibnall.  She presents many possible suspects within the community and creates back stories that provide enough information for the reader to suspect many different characters.

The writing is fast-paced and the ending is quite unexpected.  The television series created the characters of Miller and Hardy in more depth, which I wished the book the author had developed further.


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