The Imitation Game

imgresThe Imitation Game is a solid Hollywood biopic of Alan Turing who during World War II worked in secret to build a machine that could break Nazi codes. The movie follows all the typical markers of the story of the misfit who saves the day (or shortens the war by 2 years in this case). Turing is the misfit. There is a young woman who challenges conventions about women’s abilities to understand math. There is a good-looking nemesis who turns out to be an important ally at just the right moment. There are really no surprises but it is well executed. The writing and plot build suspense and the actors deliver wonderful performances. I thought the actor who played a young Turing was a stand out.

I liked it more than Birdman or Boyhood, although I concede that Birdman is more imaginative storytelling. From the reviews I’ve read the movie is broadly accurate but it is not faithful to history in the details; but few movies are.

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