“Breaking Sky”


This adrenaline-fueled debut by Cori McCarthy may be this year’s Hunger Games or Divergent. Futuristic America is in trouble, but a group of “elite teen fighter pilots” are here to save the day. Add in great character development, a massive military secret, a dash of angsty romance, and a possible film deal with Sony Pictures, and we’ve got ourselves a summer hit!

I like that this dials back the violence of The Hunger Games and the romance of the Divergent series, without losing any gritty detail or fast-paced action. I like that the main character is another strong female (Chase Harcourt, call sign “Nyx”) protagonist with some very real flaws. Chase is not always easy to like; she can be aggressive, snarky, and not much of a team player. But I think that’s what helps keep the book grounded somewhat. Yes, it’s quite a far-fetched premise, but most YA fantasy books tend to be that way. Chase’s character and the strong supporting characters really set this apart from the vast pool of futuristic/dystopian teen lit at the moment. No official word on a sequel yet, but if that does happen and if the movie rights go forward, I think this is a title we may be hearing of a lot. And that would be fine by me!

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