New Children’s Books


9780399162053_p0_v2_s114x166In a recent shipment of new children’s books, three stand out as books that will definitely be winners with our younger readers.  A delightful story that will find an audience with non-readers is “Look” by Jeff Mack.  Featuring a playful gorilla and a blond-haired little boy, the text consists of only two words: look and out.

The little boy is seated in front of a TV.  He is engrossed in whatever it is that he is watching.  The gorilla attempts to divert his attention in varied ways to look at a book.  The gorilla performs a series of silly tricks calling to the boy to “Look.”  The boy’s response is “Out.”  Eventually, after a calamity, the gorilla succeeds in diverting the boy’s attention to a book.

Toddlers will have great fun “reading” this book and creating a background story to enrich the story line.

With summer soon upon us, Neil Gaiman’s sequel to “Chu’s Day” has arrived. “Chu’s Day at the Beach,” with illustrations by Adam Rex, is a child’s delight.  Chu is a panda, who with his mom and dad, visits the beach on a very hot summer day.   Sunning themselves on the beach are other members of the animal kingdom:  gorillas, bears, octopuses, frogs, etc.  While eating an ice cream, Chu’s nose begins to tickle, and tickle, and tickle.  He can’t control the tickle until he finally gives out with the biggest “Aah, aaah, aaaah, CHOOOOOOOOO.  This enormous sound causes the ocean to be broken.  The sea creatures are suspended in the water and cannot return home.  If Chu cannot sneeze again, the ocean will remain broken.

The illustrations of the animals, especially the adorable Chu, carry the story.  Readers, I am sure, will be practicing their sneezing ability imitating Chu’s enormous sound.

9780062223999_p0_v1_s114x166 Another summertime story that will definitely appeal to girls is the return of Pinkalicious in Victoria Kahn’s newest book “Aqualicious.” Pinkalicious on a beach outing with her parents begins to collect seashells.  She places one to her ear and instead of hearing the ocean, she hears a small little voice coming from inside the shell.  Aqualicious then emerges from the shell and together the girls spend the day together.  Great beach adventures ensue, including the kidnapping of Aqualicious by a seagull.  Fans of this series will definitely enjoy this summertime adventure.9780062330161_p0_v1_s114x166

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