New Children’s Books

Two new children’s books will fit two parenting needs.  “Yard Sale” by Eve Bunting deals with having to move to a new home.9780763665425_p0_v3_s114x166A little girl sees many of her family’s possessions spread out on the front lawn.  Mom and Dad have explained to her that they are moving to a small apartment, and they won’t have room for many of their things.  The reason for the move is not stated, but it is inferred that they can’t afford the house in which they live.  She is very sad when she sees people leaving the sale with furniture, and other family possessions.  She really gets upset when a man buys her bicycle.

Sensitively handled by the author, this is a topic that may help clarify to children why they or their neighbors move.  The watercolor illustrations by Lauren Castillo are bright, but not heavily detailed.  In the end, the little girl realizes that even though she had to part with some possessions, the family is taking with them the most important things:  “We are taking us.”

In a lighter vain, “Everybody Sleeps (But Not Fred)” will resonant with many parents who are frustrated in trying to put their child to bed.  Told in very funny rhymes, Fred has a long list of things he must accomplish before going to sleep.  Fred has lots of jumping to do, shouting to practice, testing his horn collection, etc.  Eventually, Fred does fall asleep when his parents turn to a book of poetry to read to him.

Although there are many books on trying to get kids to sleep, Josh Schneider offers a new twist on the subject. His illustrations are big and colorful.  9780544339248_p0_v2_s114x166 They will help readers and listeners to enjoy Fred’s antics.

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