“Slated for Death”

Slated for Death: A Penny Brannigan Mystery by Elizabeth J. Duncan is the 5th Penny Brannigan mystery set in Wales. The author is American and has spent a lot of time there.  Penny Brannigan is a 50-something single woman who has moved to Wales from America after a friend died and leaves her a house. Penny’s latest mystery surrounds an upcoming concert scheduled to take place in the local, now-defunct mine. When the organizer of the concert is found murdered down in the mine, Penny does some snooping to uncover the killer.  Gareth Davies is the local police detective who has asked Penny to marry him. She turned him down, preferring her independence. This is a cozy mystery without much blood/violence. I’ve read all 5 Penny Brannigan mysteries and enjoy their slow, character-driven plot lines.

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