“The Trip to Italy”


30306939995_p0_v2_s114x166 This sequel, of sorts, to Michael Winterbottom’s “The Trip” is the kind of movie you either love or turn off five minutes into it.  Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, once again, play themselves, more or less.  In “The Trip” the pair toured northern England visiting various hotels and restaurants.  The plot and dialogue were basically improvised.  The banter between the two was usually funny.

In “The Trip to Italy,” we have the same two characters, only this time they are on a tour of Italy following the footsteps of the Romantic poets from the north of Italy to Capri.   The scenery is breathtaking and the food makes you want to run to your favorite Italian restaurant and binge on everything.  Once again, most of the dialogue is improvised, but because Coogan and Brydon play off each other so well, it works.

Perhaps, it was the scenery or the Italian food, but I enjoyed “The Trip to Italy” more than “The Trip.” We get to know each character and his family situation in more depth.  The constant back and forth between the men, especially when they are impersonating their favorite movie stars, is very funny.    Perhaps,  director Winterbottom would consider sending the pair to the U.S.  I think two Brits in America would definitely result in some hilarious situations and dialogue.

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