“The Daylight Marriage”

The Daylight Marriage by Heidi Pitlor. The marriage  describes Hannah and Lovell who have grown distant after a marriage of almost 20 years. After one of their worst fights, Hannah disappears the next day. Lovell expects she’ll be back in a day or so, but time stretches into weeks and then months. The 2 children, Janine (15) and Ethan (8) miss their mom. Janine finds comfort in the gay couple from next door. She is angry at her father and feels he is responsible for her mom’s disappearance. The police are investigating and do not suspect Lovell.  Lovell is a distant, solitary figure/scientist. Hannah is a beautiful and from a wealthy Martha’s Vineyard family.  Interspersed between Lovell’s chapters are Hannah’s thoughts. We learn she decided not to go to work that day in the flower shop and what happened. Not a very urgent, engaging novel. Expecting more to happen and nothing much did, but had to read to the end to find out Hannah’s fate. I consider this an extra read- B list.

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