Father’s Day-new juvenile books

Two new books have been added to our juvenile fiction collection that celebrate dads.9780399256714_p0_v1_s114x166“Tad and Dad” by Caldecott Award winner David Ezra Stein is about the bond between a little tadpole, Tad, and, of course, his Dad.  Each day Tad tries to impress his Dad with his growing abilities.  He learns to sing loudly, hop great distances, and swim faster and faster.  But each day he asks his Dad if he can sleep in his bed so that he won’t miss Tad.  Complications occur, but in the end Tad and Dad learn to sleep together comfortably on their lily pad.  The cartoon-like illustrations focus on the frogs, especially their bulging expressive eyes.



“I Want My Daddy!” by Tracey Corderoy is a father-son story featuring mice.  Arthur is the baby mouse who finds that he needs his daddy a great deal.  His dad helps him repair his cardboard castle, plays “knights” with him, takes him to the park, and saves him from something that is very scary and hairy.

This is a very gentle story featuring adorable mice.  The illustrations are non-threatening and focus on sweet-looking Arthur and his dad.

Both of these new books would appeal to toddlers and children  through the age of six.

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