Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone cropped

Rosetta Stone is a popular language learning program that we offer to patrons with Palisades library cards. You can link to it from our home page. I logged in today for the first time to try out the Spanish language section.

In high school I spent 4 years studying Spanish and had 2 more years of instruction in college. I never speak Spanish, understand very little when it is spoken and can only read it at a second grade level. In the Rosetta Stone software I chose the Latin American program and started at level 2.

It was a lot of fun. A narrator speaks and usually the sentences are displayed on the screen. The exercise I practiced involved matching what the narrator said to pictures on the screen. There is instant feedback and the exercise advances at a nice pace. The level of difficulty was both familiar enough and challenging enough to keep me interested.

After logging on I had difficulty getting the program to begin. So I tried it on Google Chrome and was connected instantly. So use Chrome and not Firefox.

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