Library Apps


I thought it would be interesting to try out and review some library/research/literature/education related Apps that are available for your Ipad or Iphone. So from now on, every once in a while I will test out and review an app!


This week I downloaded “Access My Library” on my Ipad. The app is produced by Gale databases. The app allows you to access your local (participating) library’s online databases and resources. You can add all of your local libraries to your “My Libraries” list and access their databases (or reference eBooks) from there.

What is great about this app is that it allows you to look up articles  without having to open up Safari or another browser. It can be tricky to navigate a Library’s site remotely on a mobile device because the site is formatted to be viewed on a computer. The interface on AML is  very user friendly and makes it easy for you to save articles in one place. Basically, if you wanted to do anything from look up a recent magazine article to do some research for a project on the go, this is a good app to try.

There are some negatives to the app. Firstly, since it is produced by Gale, only Gale databases can be accessed. That being said, Gale provides a plethora of databases covering varying topics so it isn’t as limiting as one might think. Also, although the app is free for you to download, libraries have to pay for access to this particular service of Gale’s, and not all libraries participate.

As a student I found this app to be very useful, considering that I often am doing research for various projects and papers on the go, and therefore, on my Ipad.

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