“When Kids Call the Shots”


Sean Grover, a parent and family therapist, writes in his new book “When Kids Call the Shots” that a generation ago it would have been unthinkable for children to bully their parents without consequences.  Today, he states, it is almost a fact of parenting.  Parent bullying is not new; it has been around a long time.  The difference is that it now has a name.  The prime reason for this problem, he believes, is a backlash against the strict parenting of the past.  Parents make a promise that they are not going to discipline their kids the way that they, perhaps, were.  The result is a backlash that goes too far in the other direction.

In his book he addresses the reasons why they is more guilt and anxiety in parenting today, how to reclaim parent power, and his own struggles as a parent.

The book is published by AMACOM, the publishing arm of the American Management Association.


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