“Never Mind Miss Fox”


Never Mind Miss Fox: A Novel  Set in England, ‘Never Mind Miss Fox’ threatens to tumble Clive and Martha’s marriage when a woman from their past- Eliot Fox- reappears.  The first half of the story describes young Clive and his brother, Tom, as they both are falling in love. Although Clive loves and eventually marries Martha, he has a brief tryst with Eliot (Tom’s crush) before settling down.  Attending Oxford, Clive pursues Martha until she succumbs to his attempts to make her his.  Eliot sees Tom as just a friend.  When a wild night of parties is about to end, Clive and Eliot have a one-night stand which threatens his marriage years later.

Years later, Clive and Martha’s only child, Eliza, arrives home excited about her new piano teacher, Miss Fox.  Although Clive tries to squelch the relationship, he fails and Martha discovers the brief night they spent together years ago.

Will the secrets of the past be the end to Clive and Martha? Will she forgive him?

What are Eliot’s intentions in reappearing in their lives at this time? Is she seeking revenge?

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