New Juvenile Non-Fiction Books


Two new juvenile non-fiction books will soon be added to our collection.  They deal with two topics, time and the weather, that young readers often are interested in.

“A Second, a Minute, a Week With Days In It” by Brian Cleary is an introductory book that deals with basic concepts of time.  Illustrated with cartoon-like characters, the book pictures time concepts like second, minutes, hours, weeks, etc.  Accompanying each time concept is an example.  “A minute is also a unit of time, and 60 short seconds are in it.  To run all the bases or climb 40 stairs? These each might be done in a minute.”

The text is basic, the illustrations are fun and the information given will answer many questions about the concept of time.9781467720502_p0_v1_s192x300

“Boy, Were We Wrong About the Weather” by Katheen Kudlinski is filled with historic, scientific and fun facts about the weather.  Published in 2015, it includes an up-to-date discussion of climate change.  Aimed at older readers, grades 2-3, the book has colorful illustrations, a time line for weather science, and a list of websites for more information.9780803737938_p0_v1_s192x300

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