“One Plus One”


Throw together an unusual family of three and a successful software techie, who is being investigated for insider stock trading, and you have the basis of Jojo Moyes very enjoyable novel “One Plus One.”  Jess Thomas should by all accounts be a very depressed young woman. Her ex-husband of ten years has had a nervous breakdown, is now living with his mother, and pays no child support.  Her ten year-old daughter is a math genius and has been offered a chance to attend St. Anne’s School, but Jess can’t afford the tuition. The third member of the household is her ex-husband’s son by a previous girlfriend.  He is constantly bullied and beaten up by the local gang.  Jess cleans houses, works at the local pub and does any odd job she can get just to keep the family for going under financially.  She constantly reminds her family that everything will work out for them all.

Ed Nicholls is the software millionaire who offers a girlfriend some trading advice just to get rid of her.  The advice turns into a windfall for the girlfriend, but leads to charges of insider trading for Ed.  He meets Jess at the local pub, where he usually drinks himself into a stupor most nights.

9780143127505_p0_v2_s118x184After a series of somewhat comic events, Ed agrees to drive Jess and her family to a math competition in Aberdeen, Scotland.  What starts out as the road trip from hell becomes a journey of discovery for all involved.

Moyes combines humor, well-drawn characters and great dialogue in a very enjoyable story “One Plus One.”

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