“Rufus the Writer”


9780385378536_p0_v1_s118x184Most children at one point in their lives have thought about having a lemonade stand but not Rufus.  As he lay on the grass staring at the sky, seeing a cushion turn into a cat, he had an idea.  “I’m not going to have a lemonade stand this summer, I’m going to have a story stand.”

He ran into the house, gathered his supplies, changed into a jacket and tie, and set up his stand.  As his friends came by, he explained what he was doing.  He offered each friend a story, which his friends thought was awesome.  Payment- a seashell, a kitten, flowers–was determined by each client.

This delightful story written by Elizabeth Bram and illustrated by Chuck Groenink offers readers the opportunity to think about ways that they can be creative.

Colorful illustrations accompany the narrative.  Rufus’s stories like “The Wallet and the Cat” feature illustrations that are more childlike.  Rufus personalizes each story based on something that is happening in the life of each friend.  On the last page of the book, Rufus and his friends are sitting on the sidewalk reading and sharing all the stories.

“Rufus the Writer” celebrates the joy of creative writing.

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