For those who like to listen… Kiddierecords!


I am an audiobook reader (listener?? junkie? audiofile?) I wish my 10 minute drive to work was longer to accommodate listening. Perhaps I first learned to love listening to books and stories from my old phonograph. I listened to the records of fairy tales and danced along to the story of “Tina the Ballerina.”

Now I like to listen to books that have been downloaded to my phone as I go for a walk or take a long drive. is a web site that has been around about 10 years. It has collected children’s records from the ‘golden age’ of children’s records (roughly the 40’s and 50’s). You can stream or download FREE records to listen to. Some include:

Tubby the Tuba, Rip van Winkle, Madeline, Carrot Seed, Bugs Bunny, Peter and the Wolf, Winnie the Pooh, Grimm’s Fairy Tales and many others (even one I haven’t tried yet called, “How to Tell Your Children the Facts of Life” from the 1950s.

The covers above will take you to the site. Windows Media Player should allow easy listening.

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