“The Nature of the Beast”


In the most recent issue of “Book Page,” Canadian author Louise Penny discusses her newest Chief Inspector Gamache novel and her approach to writing mysteries.  Although many of her novels are set in the fictitious village of Three Pines, Penny objects to calling her books “cozies.”  There is nothing superficial or simplistic about these stories.

“The Nature of the Beast” is the 11th Gamache mystery.  In “How the Light Gets In” her hero revealed the internal corruption in the Surete du Quebec and almost came to terms with the demons that had plagued him for several years.  Having seen that justice was done, he was able to retire with his wife to Three Pines.

In the novel that precedes “The Nature of the Beast,” Gamache and his friends investigate the disappearance of the husband of a fellow Three Pines resident.  “The Long Way Home” was a novel that helped bridged the transition for Gamache from Chief Inspector to ordinary citizen.

Gamache, ordinary citizen and detective, is back.  He seems to really enjoy the tranquility of the village and its residents.  But, sitting around the local bistro, talking with his friends, exchanging gossip, he finds many clues that unravel the mystery at hand.

Penny has never been tempted to leave her characters and beloved village behind.  She admits she has found “the perfect cast and setting to accomplish her primary goal as a mystery writer.”  Louise Penny wants the reader to really care about the characters, the setting, and the problems the people of Three Pines are facing. 9781250022080_p0_v6_s118x184I

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