“Lizard From the Park”


Set in New York City, the reader shares an adventure with young Leonard.  As he walks home from school through the park, Leonard finds a very unusual egg.  He puts it in his backpack and carries it to his home, which is an apartment on the top floor of a very tall building.  The egg becomes his playmate.  One morning, the egg cracks open and a lizard bursts through.  Immediately the form a bond of friendship. 9781442483217_p0_v1_s192x300Together Leonard and his lizard, who he names Buster, explore all of Leonard’s favorite places in the city.

Of course, the lizard grows and grows and grows.  Leonard can no longer hide his lizard.  Eventually, he devises a plan to safely transport Buster back to the woods.  The plan involves big balloons–think the Thanksgiving Day parade.

“Lizard From the Park” written by Mark Pett is a delightful story of friendship.  The illustrations are simple yet colorful.  The author has captured the adventures to be had in New York City, with or without a lizard.

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