Fall Into Books speaker Brian Floca


I, too, attended the 17th Annual Fall Into Books conference.  The highlight of the conference, in my opinion, was the presentation by children’s book author and illustrator Brian Floca.  Focusing on his Caldecott award-winning book “Locomotive,” Mr. Floca discussed the process of creating a children’s book.

Floca explained that he developed a love of drawing as a child and through his high school and college years continued to hone his craft.  As a writer, he writes what he wants to know, not what he knows already.  His first step, therefore, in creating a book is research.  Research helps guide the writing; it becomes a treasure hunt.  He wanted to make his book “Locomotive” a sensory experience.  Therefore, this process of discovery took him out of his studio onto trains, into museums, and actually traveling along the transcontinental railroad route.

The drawing part of his process forces him to see if he is telling his story so that the readers wants to turn the page.  When he is finally finished with his part of the process, it takes more than a year for the book to actually be printed.

“Locomotive” as well as his other books demonstrate the talent and hard work of Brian Floca.  Children’s book authors are perhaps an underrated segment of the writing profession.  Anyone who heard Mr. Floca speak or has read any one of his books knows that talent, imagination, and plain hard work are as much of his creative process as authors on any adult best seller list.9781416994152_p0_v14_s118x184

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