Sitches- A Graphic Memoir


OK, so I officially red my first Graphic Novel ALL THE WAY THROUGH. And, I must say, that Stitches by David Small as an amazing introduction to them and now I want to read every single Graphic Memoir that exists.


Stitches takes you through Small’s childhood from about age six to adulthood. Lets just say that David did not have a happy childhood. David is unflinchingly honest about his experiences from dealing with a mother and grandmother who are mentally ill and abusive to his mother’s closet lesbianism and his bout with cancer as a young teenager. There are some dark moments in this story, but the pacing of the pictures and the dialogue keeps you turning the pages- I can honestly say that I read through this book in half an hour because it was so intriguing.

The illustrations are surreal-most characters appear like distorted and monster-like (fitting because they are all horrible people). You really get to see David’s world and the horror and pain that he experienced as a child.

Don’t let the fact that it is dark deter you because this was one of the most beautifully told narratives that I have ever read.

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