“Banksy Does New York”

Banksy, street artist, graffiti artist extraordinary, is the subject of this entertaining documentary. The elusive British artist for thirty-one days in October, 2013, posted one unique display a day in an unannounced location somewhere in one of the boroughs of New York.

The film focuses on the hunt for the next location of one of his pieces.  A committed band of his fans pursues clues that YouTube videos and Instagram photos reveal.  What happens when his art is found on the sides of public buildings or in various public spaces is unbelievable.  Some pieces are painted over by building owners; others are cut away and offered for sale.  One enterprising group finds a “sculpture” on their property and hides it away.  Eventually, a slick Southampton art dealer puts it up for sale in his exclusion gallery.

We never see Banksy keeping with his elusive persona.  What we do view are his whimsical drawings and their accompanying political statements.  Anyone interested in art or how people respond to a piece of art will enjoy this fun documentary. 0738329184025_p0_v1_s192x300

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