“Murder by Suspicion” by Veronica Heley

Murder by Suspicion: An Ellie Quicke British Murder Mystery   As a British mystery fan and a Veronica Heley fan, I must sadly write that i was very disappointed by her latest Ellie Quicke mystery.  Though it fits into the cozy mystery category, the plot was so convoluted, implausible, and convoluted I found myself dragging myself through the novel hoping the end would come quick.  Ellie Quicke returns from a visit to the United States to find her old friend, Rose, in a declining state. It seems her caregiver, Claire, has been giving her substandard care and suspicious medicine. Ellie is angry. When she tries to evict Claire, the annoying woman pathetically pleads her case to stay. Ellie caves in (why? oh why?!). The frustrating behavior continues throughout. Once the crime, criminals and suspects are uncovered the reader just doesn’t care. Skip this one.

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