“The English Spy”

Daniel Silva’s “The English Spy” is the fourteenth in his series featuring art restorer/Israeli intelligence agent Gabriel Allon.  Set in Great Britain and Ireland, the plot has Allon and Christopher Keller, former professional assassin but now working for M-16, reteaming to hunt for Eamon Quinn, a master bomb maker who works for the highest bidder.

9780062320131_p0_v2_s118x184Allon, Keller, and Quinn have a shared history.  Their paths have crossed before.  As a bomb maker, Quinn trained a terrorist who killed Allon’s son and wounded his wife.  Keller and Quinn knew each other when Keller worked undercover in Northern Ireland during the height of “The Troubles.”

All of this back story, sets the scene for a tale on international intrigue, assassinations, and terrorist bombings that begins with the murder of an English princess aboard a luxury yacht.  Silva weaves a suspenseful plot that eventually pulls Allon and Keller into the search for the assassin.   Quinn and Allon are equally matched in a cat and mouse chase to see who can outwit whom.  Justice, but more importantly for Allon revenge, motivate him to seek retribution for Quinn’s past mercenary acts.

Daniel Silva’a novels are filled with descriptive passages of the plot’s settings.  His short chapters move the reader from setting to setting which enables the author to keep the pace of the story suspenseful.

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