The Killing Room by Christobel Kent


For anyone with an interest in mysteries with Italian settings (in this case, Florence) and many characters to keep track of, this book is for you. Sandro Cellini leads the action, being a former policeman and now turned private investigator. He attends a gathering at a renovated palazzo, whose rooms are now leased to separate tenants, with his wife, Luisa, who is trying to find new clients for the clothing shop where she is employed. Little does Sandro know he will shortly find employment himself at the palazzo San Giorgio, when the Head of Security vanishes and is later found dead. The palazzo has a macabre history– one of the rooms in the basement is found to be walled up, where evil had taken place years ago. And the current deaths keep adding up, causing Sandro much frustration as he searches for the murderer. It took me quite a while to get through this novel; trying to keep track of all the characters was very confusing. But I stuck with it, since it was an interesting read.

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