Walk on Earth a Stranger


WalkonEarthaStranger-264x400Walk on Earth a Stranger is a great piece of historical fiction mixed with a little bit of fantasy and I loved this book so much and was delighted to find out that it is going to be a trilogy! Yay! Rejoice!

Our heroine is Leah Westfall, who lives in Georgia with her parents in a small gold rush town where the gold is pretty much dried up. This is a problem for everyone except Leah, who has a magical sense for when she is near gold. Her abilities have helped her family buy their farm and keep up a living-but now that her father is sick most of the gold to be found is gone, everyone in the town is getting pretty antsy. When news of the California gold rush hits Georgia everyone begins to pack up to head west, including Leah’s only friend Jefferson.

But when tragedy strikes and both of her parents are murdered by her greedy Uncle who plans to exploit Leah’s gold-diving gift, Leah decides to leave her childhood home and to run away west to join Jefferson and to make a new life. She cuts her hair, puts on mens clothing and runs away.

Leah was a wonderful character. She was strong, brave, sympathetic, vulnerable, and extremely likable. I liked that she started out physically strong, able to hunt, able to take care of herself, and that she was cunning. She knew some of what she needed to survive on the trail but she was also thrown into having to learn a lot more on the journey. She was doing all that while still grieving for her parents and keeping her abilities and gender a secret.

The road west is hard for anyone, let alone a runaway who is hiding her true identity. Rae Carson does a wonderful job describing the harrowing journey west and all of the characters that one would encounter along the way. I love that the story is a little bit of a Western, a little of bit adventure, a little bit of history, and mixed in with a little bit of romance this story was paced perfectly and I cannot wait until the next book!

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