Censorship issue


Apparently issues of censorship do not plague only libraries. Recently a customer of the Northshire bookstore in Saratoga Springs became incensed over an illustrated copy of the Qur’an on display, releasing his anger through verbal abuse of several store employees. At first the store’s owner, Chris Morrow, was not going to publicly respond to the customer’s threats to “put the company out of business,” but later changed his mind. He posted an account to their Facebook page, taking a stand against censoring the book. Replies poured in, agreeing with Mr. Morrow, as did his store customers. Channel 13 News ran with the story, and a mention of the article appeared in the store’s newsletter, which I receive. I’ve visited the other Northshire bookstore in Manchester, Vermont several times in the past and it is a delight to browse among the unique displays. Both local and famous authors frequently appear for talks. I once heard Mark Helprin speak after the 1995 publication of  Memoir from Antproof Case, which had received a starred review from Booklist. Helprin’s writing style is a mix of what PW has referred to as “flamboyant fantasy and concrete detail.” (The library owns his two newest novels: Winter’s Tale and In Sunlight and in Shadow).

The Northshire bookstores owner, Mr. Morrow, is very invested in the local community, and the bookstore has many loyal supporters. If you are ever in either area, please drop in and take a look.

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