No Sweat by Michelle Segar, PhD


Michelle Segar’s book “No Sweat” is a new look at exercise and what motivates us to move. Have you noticed the health and fitness message isn’t working for most people? We all know the secret to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more. This advice is as obvious and elusive and telling someone to achieve a well funded retirement by buying low and selling high.

Michelle’s message is to stop exercising and start having fun. She opens your eyes to all the moments in our daily lives that are OTMs (opportunities to move.) She offers a questionnaire to help you examine your deep, ugly, and unhealthy feelings about exercise so that you get over your hang ups. “Exercise” can be a gift we give ourselves rather than a chore we must do. You can discover the elements in your life that give you energy and sustain you so you can sustain your goals.

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