New trends in picture books


To predict a new trend in children’s picture books you must consider the books that publishers have announced for the first half of 2016 and come to some conclusions.  Elizabeth Bird has done just that and reports her findings in an article, “What’s Trending,” in the January issue of “School Library Journal.”

At this point, she states9781626720398_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg, the most serious trend consists of how to talk to children about death and bereavement.  Last year’s “Boats for Papa” by Jessixa Bagley dealt with the topic of love and loss and it seems, according to Bird, the trend is continuing into 2016.

New books on the topic are “Always Remember” by Cece Meng which tells the story of an old turtle swimming his last swim.  In “Ida Always” by Caron Levis the author relates a tale of a polar bear who slowly loses his best friend to illness and death.  A newly illustrated version of Margaret Wise Brown’s “The Dead Bird” will also be on book shelves this year.






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