When the Moon Is Low


This novel, written by Nadia Hashimi, tells the tale of a young Afghanastani girl, Fereiba, and her life growing up in her country. Arranged marriages are the norm, superstitions abound, and after the Taliban takes over, women and girls are confined to their homes and lose all freedom in their lives. Fereiba’s husband is taken away by Taliban thugs and is never seen again. Fereiba and her three children decide to leave and travel to London, where there are other family members who can offer help once they arrive. The story of their struggles and hardships, most especially, of Fereiba’s young son, Saleem, who quickly has to mature in order to handle the harsh life he endures when he becomes separated from his mother and siblings. His story is heartbreaking, and the author explains that the story is based on the struggles of her own family members. It is a candid glimpse into the life of an illegal immigrant, and provides a much needed perspective in today’s world.

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