The Rest of Us Just Live Here


Fans of B51t8MOm-ZnL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpguffy the Vampire slayer, rejoice!

The Rest of Us Just Live Here reminded me so much of the TV series – and here is why, “It was just as bad here as it was for you when the indie kids were battling the undead….we had the same amount of heart ache when a new round of indie kids exorcized  all those soul-eating ghosts (that was the year they blew up the high school). And don’t even get me started on hen the indie kids fell in love with and then defeated the vampires a few years back.”

OK, so who are the “indie kids”? They are a group of high school kids who are the “Chosen Ones” who will attempt to thwart said “Big Bad” evil that is the new problem of the town every few years. They live in the woods, have mystical auras, and seem to die frequently.

But this novel isn’t their story. Instead, “The Rest of Us Just Live Here” focuses on a different group of high school seniors. Mikey, his twin Mel and their two friends Henna and Jared. They are about to finish their senior year of high school and spend their last summer together.  They’re anxious about saying goodbye to life as they know it and unsure of their futures. Each of them has their own issues (Mikey’s unrequited love for Henna, Mel’s obvious eating disorder, Jared’s homosexuality, etc.) and are trying to live out the rest of their high school careers normally as the newest round of unexplainable supernatural occurrences begins in their town (which the town notoriously makes excuses for and sweeps under the rug).

This novel is funny and unique and tells the story of the OTHER side of life in a Buffy-esque universe for the kids who just have to sit back, watch it all happen, and try to explain away weird supernatural creatures.

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