Hillary Rodman Clinton: Biographies


It seems apparent, at this point in the political landscape, that Hillary Rodman Clinton will be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.  Therefore, a number of new biographies have been published for the young readers’ market.

“Hillary” by Jonah Winter, illustrated by Raul Colon, is geared toward children ages 4-7.  Told in chronological order, this is a straightforward biography that traces Mrs. Clinton’s life from her birth, through her school years, through her marriage, and service to her country as Secretary of State.  Winter, obviously has great respect and admiration for Mrs. Clinton; he describes her as scrappy–a girl who “did well in school, played sports with boys, and liked to be in charge.”

Raul Colon uses soft tones and colors in his often full-page illustrations that resemble a family album.  Young students seeking to know about Hillary Rodman Clinton will find this book very helpful.


Cynthia Levinson’s biography “Hillary Rodman Clinton: Do All the Good You Can” is geared toward middle-grade readers, ages 8-12.  Author Levinson refers to her subject as Hillary because “that’s how she identifies herself.”  She wanted to make her book personal and emotional rather than “abstract or didactic.”

Levinson, who was at Wellesley with Mrs. Clinton, relates her story from her childhood in Illinois to the present.  The author does “champion Hillary’s dedication to service, ” but also includes the controversial aspects of her life.

9780062387295_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg For older readers, ages 12-17, Karen Blumenthal has written “Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Woman Living History.”  More objective and more comprehensive that Levinson’s biography, Blumenthal focuses on the formative experiences that have shaped Mrs. Clinton’s political and personal philosophy.  She doesn’t shy away from the emotional struggles Clinton faced during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  9781250060143_p0_v3_s192x300.jpg This reads much like an adult book with 36 dense chapters.  Its primary audience will be those who are very interested in Clinton and her politics.

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