Donate Books!


If you don’t find this inspiring-then I don’t know what is:

In light of the upcoming month of February which is Black History Month I wanted to highlight a campaign that is going on not to far from where we live.

11-year-old Marley Dias has founded the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign which is having a drive to collect 1000 donated books which feature black female protagonists. Marlene Dias said that she was “sick of reading reading about white boys and dogs.” The books collected from the drive will go to the Retreat Primary and Junior School and Library in the parish of St. Mary, Jamaica, where Dias’ mother grew up.

Dias’ mother told the Philly Voicerecently that it was important for little girls and boys to grow up reading about characters they can identify with in literature. “For young black girls in the United States,” she said, “context is really important for them — to see themselves and have stories that reflect experiences that are closer to what they have or their friends have.”

It is amazing that a Middle-school student is promoting this campaign and it’s a great cause so look into donating!


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