“It’s Not Easy Being Number Three”

Written and illustrated by New Yorker magazine cartoonist Drew Dernavich, “It’s Not Easy Being Number Three” explores how important the number three is.  Facing a crisis in his life, three decides to quit being a number, and explore the world.

He soon realize that “3” is everywhere.  Eventually, he decides to become a sculpture because everyone would see him, and he wouldn’t get hurt.  Eventually, the novelty of being a sculpture becomes boring.  Also people are not longer noticing him.  What can he do to feel useful again?

Eventually, he realizes that being “3” is a unique job and goes back to doing what he does best.

As an illustrator, Dernavich demonstrates how we can see the shape of 3 everywhere in our world and how important three is from being part of a three-legged race to being part of a score board to being important to time and temperature.

This fun story for ages 4-7, enforces the mathematical concept of the number 3 as well  as demonstrating how fulfilling a job can be.9781627792080_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

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