“Monster Needs Your Vote”

In this highly charged election season, even young readers are aware of the personalities, and perhaps, the issues discussed in this election year.

Paul Czajak author of the Monster and Me series has used his character “the Monster” to inform young readers about the election process.  This elementary civics lesson enables readers to understand such vocabulary as grassroots, platform, soapbox, candidate eligibility.

When the “Monster” realizes that his platform is not working, he is almost ready to drop out of the running.  Then he is inspired when he sees a sign that the local public library is closing.  He declares that closing a library is a” crime that can’t take place.  To fail on education is a national disgrace.”

Even though “Monster” learns that he is not eligible to run because he is not old enough, he learns that his “roar in politics has just begun.”

With very colorful, full page illustrations by Wendy Grieb, “Monster Needs Your Vote” is a timely and fun book for young readers.9781938063633_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

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