The Hueys Are Back


Oliver Jeffers has had much success with his simple bean-shaped characters the Hueys.  “The Hueys in None the Number,” “The Hueys in It Wasn’t Me,” and “The Hueys in the New Sweater,” and now followed by “The Hueys in What’s the Opposite.”9780399257704_p0_v1_s118x184.jpgJeffers puts his minimalist touch on this funny concept book about opposites.  Using his spare shape and line approach to illustration, he has two Hueys, and sometimes, a cat explain the several examples of opposites.

The characters first attempt to explain the opposite of beginning.  However, that is  a bit too challenging.  They then continue to simpler words–up/down, high/low, here/there.  As the reader continues, the drawings accompanying the pairs become very funny.  And yes, the writer does return to his first word beginning, which is found at “The End.”

This book is geared to ages 3-5, but older readers will find it very funny.


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