“Balto of the Blue Dawn”


Magic Tree House fans you wait is over.  Mary Pope Osborne has written a new addition to her wildly popular series.  “Balto of the Blue Dawn” is number 54 in the Merlin Mission books.

The setting is Nome, Alaska, in 1925.  Brother and sister, Jack and Anne, are off on yet another adventure.  This time they must save an entire town experiencing an epidemic of diphtheria.

The medicine that will save them is coming mostly by dogsled from Anchorage thousands of miles away.  When a blizzard hits, the dogsled led by Balto, a Siberian husky, is lost.  It is up to Jack and Anne to find the lost team.

9780553510850_p0_v2_s192x300.jpgOnce again, author Osborne blends a true-life event with the magic of the tree house and the heroic actions of Jack and Anne.

Geared to students in grade 3-4, “Balto of the Blue Dawn” will offer readers an action-packed story that features the real-life heroism of Balto.


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