The Forgotten Room


index.aspxA novel written by three co-authors, Karen White, Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig, The Forgotten Room is a three generational story, using flashbacks to relate the lives of Kate, Olive and Lucy. A gilded mansion on East Sixty-Ninth Street in Manhattan is the setting common to all three stories. Kate is a doctor in 1944, working in a hospital into which the mansion has been converted; Olive is a housemaid living in the dwelling in 1892; and Lucy works as a legal secretary in 1920 and lives in the mansion, now a boardinghouse for young women. The plot thickens as all three interact with three generations of men who are also related. The key is the “forgotten room” on the top floor, which holds many secrets that must be solved in order for each character to understand their ancestors involvement. A bit heavy on characterization, this novel requires quite a bit of concentration on the reader’s part to keep tabs on all the players and their relationship to each other.

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