Two years ago, author-illustrator, Torben Kuhlmann published his first book “Lindbergh-The Tale of a Flying Mouse.”  It is the fictional tale of a young German mouse who yearns to fly.  He reads everything he can on advances made in aviation, and eventually experiments with various air craft.  Eventually, he successfully flies to the United States, where news of his flight reaches a very young Charles Lindbergh.

Kuhlmann’s  second book “Moletown” is filled with full-page illustrations done in brown tones that follow the exploits of the moles who created Moletown.  This  almost wordless story explains what happens when one mole builds an underground home in a lush green field.  He is soon joined by many mole families.  The end result is that after many generations the green meadow disappears–almost.9780735842083_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg

This beautifully illustrated story will appeal to a varied audience.  The detailed drawings will enable the reader to create the narrative as they look at the pictures.  Younger readers will be detailed by the cute moles.  Older readers will be able to see how progress can totally alter the environment.

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