Death of a Nurse


The latest title in the long running Hamish MacBeth series has the Police Sergeant scrambling to solve the murder of Gloria Dainty, a pretty nurse whom he had asked out, only to be stood up by her (for the obvious reason that she was already dead). His sidekick at the station is Charlie Carter, a clumsy yet oddly endearing fellow, especially to the ladies, much to Hamish’s dismay. The usual suspects are part and parcel of the investigation, with a new twist: one Police Inspector Fiona Herring, who is a feisty addition to the mix. Priscilla Halburton-Smythe, Hamish’s former fiancee, is now engaged to an older man that her father approves of, but who has a dark side of which Priscilla is unaware.  Tune in to solve the murders which begin to pile up, and find out Priscilla’s fate. Recommended for those mystery fans who dislike a lot of of blood and guts, Death of a Nurse is classic M.C. Beaton.

1 thought on “Death of a Nurse”

  1. I really like the character of Hamish Mac Beth. I originally got hooked on the series after watching the PBS series based on the books. Unfortunately, the series didn’t last too long. I definitely want to read this one.

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