“Green City”


“Green City: How One Community Survived a Tornado and Rebuilt for a Sustainable Future” by Allan Drummond is a new non-ficition book that offers readers a true story, information on building green, and how team work can accomplish a dream.

In May, 2007, the small community of Greensburg, Kansas, was hit by a devastating tornado.  In nine minutes this farming town was leveled–nothing remained except the historic courthouse and Greensburg’s giant grain elevator complex.  It seemed that this catastrophe meant the end of the town.  Many people left. Those that remained wanted to rebuild and make a brand-new town–a green town.  It took more than three years, but the people of Greensburg accomplished their dream.

Told from a child’s point of view, and illustrated with watercolor cartoon-like people, this book offers readers a detailed, yet simplified explanation, of how the town was rebuilt.  Factual side bars offer information about “Going Green” and “Building a Sustainable House.”  This book will appeal to young readers, ages 8 and up.  It offers a narrative of an historic event and insight into how one community built green.9780374379995_p0_v1_s192x300.jpg

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