Pat Conroy


Author and “Son of the South,  Pat Conroy died on Friday, March 5, 2016.  Using his family as material for many of his books, Conroy is quoted as saying, “One of the greatest gifts you can get as a writer is to be born into any unhappy family. I could not have been born into a better one.  I don’t have to look very far for melodrama.  It’s all right there.”

One of his early novels, “The Great Santini” is based on his sadistic father, a Marine Corps fighter pilot, who beat his wife and abused his seven children.  Although the book was only a modest success, a subsequent film in 1979 gained it a wider audience.  “The Lords of Discipline” was based on Conroy’s experiences at the Citadel.  It too was made into a successful movie.

Conroy’s first mega-hit was “Princes of Tides,” which sold more than 350,000 copies and spent nearly a year on best-seller lists.  The film version catapulted Conroy into the ranks of one of America’s most popular novelists.

Although not always favorably reviewed, his fans enjoyed his “page-turning Southern yarns.”  Readers knew that his books may be “flawed” but “in many ways, it’s like returning to old friends and familiar places.

“Beach Music” and “South of Broad” were later novels that repeated similar themes, settings, and characters.

In a recent interview, Conroy who knew he was dying, said it was his hope to finish the book he was working on for his fans.9780553381559_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg9780553381535_p0_v1_s118x184.jpg

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