“The Secret Subway”


Most readers, including adults, do not know that on February 26, 1876, New York’s first underground train had its inaugural run.  The man behind this amazing event was Alfred Ely Beach.  A publisher and inventor, Beach was seeking a way for the people of New York to travel through the city without having to deal with the garbage, the horses, and stagecoaches that created such a traffic nightmare.

Shana Corey said that she has always been intrigued by the history of New York City.  When she came across some information about Beach and his underground train, she felt compelled to write about the man and the event.


This book will appeal to young readers interested in inventions and New York City.  The illustrations were done by Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio. He used very dark backgrounds with paper mache puppets as his characters.

Corey really captures the time period.  The political corruption of Boss Tweed and his political machine in New York City eventually caused the collapse of Beach’s endeavor.  But for a brief time people traveled underground in a pneumatic tube that traveled through lower Manhattan.

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