“The Blue Hour”


Title: The Blue Hour: A Novel, Author: Douglas Kennedy       by Douglas Kennedy is a thriller that takes place in Morocco.  Robin and Paul have been married a few years. He is much older and an artist. She is an accountant. From the beginning you don’t trust Paul. He is obviously hiding something. Agreeing to Robin’s wish to have a child together, they travel to Morocco from their home in Buffalo, NY to revisit the country he loved in his 20’s. Once there, secrets and lies immediately cloud their vacation when Paul disappears.  Robin is too loving, too trusting. As the reader, you ask, “Why is she bothering? He’s a loser and obviously putting one over on her.”  His lies and Robin’s quest to save Paul land her in trouble that almost cost her her life. As someone interested in Morocco, I enjoyed the descriptive passages and exotic flavor of the exotic setting.  Tighter editing would have helped move the story along at a better pace, but stick with it if the location appeals to you.

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