Thanks for the Trouble


index.jpgTommy Wallach (author of We All Looked UP)’s  new book Thanks for the Troublefollows Parker Sante, a seventeen-year-old boy who hasn’t spoken a word out loud in the five years since his father’s death. He is also sort of a loner who likes to frequent hotel lobbies to rob rich people (AND his favorite class in school is called Chess and War which is exactly what it sounds like and it sounds like the best high school elective ever invented).

When Parker meets Zelda – a strange, gray-haired, crying (literally), rich, and apparently suicidal girl in one of these hotel lobbies-everything changes. She gives him a bizarre explanation of her life which he isn’t sure if he can believe and shares with her his deepest thoughts which previously he’d only been able to keep in his head (he communicates with others by writing in journals).

Beyond the romance and magical realism in this novel, Parker is a loveable and realistic male protagonist that I fell IN LOVE with. He is sweet and kind and insecure and funny and smart and…well, the girls will swoon.

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