A Bed of Scorpions


index.aspxindex.aspxThe second novel by Judith Flanders, this title is the sequel to A Murder of Magpies, which was released last year. The protagonist in both is Samantha Clair, a book editor for a small publishing company in London. In A Murder of Magpies, Sam is trying to find her good friend Kit Lowell, who has gone missing after mailing her the latest manuscript of his, which happens to be a “tell-all” shocker, involving players in the fashion industry. In the sequel, Sam’s friend Aidan Merriam becomes a suspect in the death of his art gallery partner Frank, who has been found murdered in his office. In both cases, Sam’s boyfriend Inspector Jake Fields just happens to be handling the investigations, and tries to keep an eye on her at the same time. Sam’s character is infused with dry humor and is thoroughly enjoyable. Combined with a fast moving plot, these novels are great reads, especially if the reader is a fan of Janet Evanovich, another humorous mystery author.

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